Ten Commandments for Kids

This past Sunday, we did not make it to church.  When this happens, I usually get online and come up with a lesson to do with the kids at home.  We were in our “school room” when I noticed the Ten Commandments for Kids poster on the wall.


I thought this was a great time to start focusing a little on these commandments since they were posted on our wall.  I want them to understand what they mean.  So, I started searching the internet for songs, stories, videos, etc. to help  me teach the Ten Commandments to them.  Here is what I found:


http://ministry-to-children.com/ten-commandments-lesson-for-kids/ – Source:  Ministry-to-children.com

http://www.biblewise.com/character/ten_commandments/commandments1_5.htm – Source:  http://www.biblewise.com

http://waycoolbibleschool.com/art/10-tencommandments/10.html – Source:  http://www.waycoolbibleschool.com

http://www.biblewise.com/archives/2012/october/kids_korner/fun_games/match_the_numbers.htm  or download PDF Version: Ten Commandments Matching Activity



– Ten Commandments Lessons 1 & 2

– Ten Commandments Lessons 3 & 4

– Ten Commandments Lessons 5 & 6

– Ten Commandments Lessons 7 & 8

– Ten Commandments Lesson 9 & 10

We plan on watching all of these videos to learn more about the Ten Commandments.  Hope this has been helpful 🙂

Until Next Time…


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